Today, February 27th, is International Polar Bear Day and a chance for us all to celebrate these amazing creatures. You may marvel at the duality of their power, ferocity, beauty and even adorableness, but do you know if they are animals or mammals? Or that they may not even be white?

This week, in the lead up to the polar bear’s big day, shared their  “7 Surprising Polar Bear Facts”. Take a look at what they came up with, you might just be surprised!

  1. Just like whales, seals, and dolphins, polar bears are considered marine mammals.
  2. The great white bear of the North is not actually white.
  3. Polar bears are big fans of the snow bath.
  4. Polar bear paws are expertly designed for traversing the slick and shifting seascape.
  5. Polar bears touch noses to ask to share food.
  6. Unlike other large carnivores, polar bears do not have territories; they have home ranges.
  7. Polar bears don’t prefer sea ice to land, they sea ice to survive.


To read about these facts in more detail visit:


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