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Give CO2 Levels in Daily Weather Report

What if, along with predictions about the weather, newspapers also started reporting a daily carbon dioxide count?
In an Opinion column in USA Today, Columbia School of Journalism professor Todd Gitlin asks: "Why isn’t it big news today — and every day — that humanity’s social arrangements are undermining the climatic conditions of civilization, battering the most vulnerable habitats of human and other animal life, depleting their potable water, wrecking their flora and fauna, uprooting refugees?"
He goes on to note that The Guardian newspaper has taken on the challenge.
"Reasonably, [The Guardian] decided that the lay of the land — and the oceans, and the atmosphere — could be conveniently approximated with a single statistic: the proportion of carbon dioxide molecules in the atmosphere. Accordingly, their weather page now lists the daily CO2 measurements taken at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii."
What else can the media be doing to drive attention to this effort? Let us know at info@earthscall.org or on social media with the hashtag #EarthsCall, and we'll compile the best ideas in an upcoming piece.

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