Nobody deserves to win Actor in Supporting Role more than man’s best friend. Many of the movies nominated at this year’s Oscars feature animal actors. Here are two dogs that have earned a treat.

First on the list is Charlie from the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper movie, “A Star is Born.” The movie was a family affair, given that Charlie is actually Bradley Cooper’s dog. Last week, Cooper won the “Oscat” award, presented by Peta, for using his own dog in the movie. Cooper said in an interview, that it meant a lot for him to be in the film.

Another pooch on the list is Borras from the movie “Roma.” The movie is up for a list of nominations, none of which mention Borras. Still, many “Roma” fans recognize Borras as the “good-boy” that he is and have celebrated his role on social media. Check out #Borras on instagram and this article for more.

Many believe the Academy should give animal actors a category of their own at the Oscars. There’s no doubt that animals can add so much to the narrative of film. However, until their unique role is recognized, it’s all paws off the red carpet.

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