The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina has come up with a revolutionary ‘eye-dea’. They are intercepting used mascara wands before going to the trash and using them as a grooming and healing tool for small animals. Mascara wands are a common household item and until now have only served a single use. By donating them to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, these plastic wands not only avoid ending up in our oceans, but can also save an animal’s life.


The wands are used to remove harmful larvae and mites from the animal’s fur. The small bristles on the mascara wands are perfect for collecting debris that cling to the animal. The tool works so well that the team has launched a “Wands for Wildlife” program that organizes the collection of the used mascara wands.

In an interview with Country Living UK, co-founder at Appalachian Wildlife Refuge, Kimberly Brewster said, “The response to a simple request for mascara wands has been astounding. I honestly have trouble wearing mascara now – the outpouring of compassion brings tears to my eyes almost daily as I read messages, notes and comments from people all over the world who care about animals, the environment and just want to help.”

Listed on their website are instructions on how to get involved. They have a list of necessary supplies as well as how to prepare your wand for its next use.

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