Today, March 1st, is a day to give the domesticated pig the credit it deserves! National Pig Day was established in 1972 by American sisters Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave. The sisters felt that the pig should be recognized as the clever and social animal it is and so began #NationalPigDay.

The sisters were right, there is lots to celebrate about this intelligent animal. As National Geographic mentioned today, “These swine are nothing to snort at!” The article goes on to guide us through the various species of pig and includes some surprising facts.

“If you’re sweating like a pig, you’re not sweating at all. Pigs don’t sweat. To cool off, they’ll wallow in the mud, which is how swine got the reputation as being dirty. They also love water, and pigs are quite excellent swimmers.”

If you needed any proof of just how smart these creatures actually are, take a look at this video of “Pigcasso”, an amazing pig who was rescued from an industrialized hog farm and has taken to painting!


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