From the tiniest insect to the enormous blue whale, the myriad flora and fauna that call Earth home all have a place, purpose, and value. #WorldWildlifeDay is an opportunity for humankind to celebrate Earth’s creatures and raise awareness of the need to fight for their continued survival. The theme of #WorldWildlifeDay2019 is: “Life Below Water: For people and planet.” Although we believe in appreciating wildlife everyday, today we are highlighting 19 opportunities to support both animals and organizations by symbolically adopting in 2019.

1. The Pangolin

Habitat: North Africa and Asia

Agency: World Wildlife Foundation

Status: Vulnerable


2. Sumatran Elephant

Habitat: Indonesia

Agency: International Elephant Project

Status: Vulnerable


3. Whale Sharks  

Habitat: Pelagic Ocean Zones

Agency: Whale Shark Research Project

Status: Endangered


4. Javan Rhino

Habitat: Southern Asia

Agency: Defenders of Wildlife

Status:  Critically endangered, 63-67 individuals remaining

5. Polar Bears

Habitat: The Arctic

Agency: Polar Bears International

Status:  Vulnerable

6. The Vaquita

Habitat: Northern Gulf of California

Agency: Porpoise Conservation Society

Status: Critically Endangered, only ~30 individuals left.

7.The Monarch Butterfly

Habitat: Warm, Humid Climates

Agency: Environmental Defense Fund

Status: Unknown


8. Komodo Dragon

Habitat: Volcanic Islands in Southeast Asia

Agency: World Animal Foundation

Status: Vulnerable


9. Orangutan

Habitat: Indonesia, Malaysia

Agency : International Animal Rescue

Status: Critically Endangered


10. Humpback whale

Habitat: Pelagic Ocean Zones

Agency: Oceanic Society

Status: Least Concern

11. Wolf

Habitat: Tundra, Mountain Areas, Woodlands, Forests, Grasslands, and Deserts.

Agency: Wolf Conservation Center

Status: Vulnerable


12. Hawaiian Monk Seal

Habitat: Hawaiian Pacific

Agency:  The Marine Mammal Center

Status:  Endangered

13. Hammerhead Shark

Habitat: Temperate/Tropical Waters

Agency: Galapagos Conservation Trust

Status: Vulnerable


14. Walrus

Habitat: Northern Coastal Areas

Agency: National Wildlife Federation

Status:  Vulnerable


15. Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle

Habitat: Gulf of Mexico

Agency: Sea Turtle Conservancy

Status: Critically Endangered


16. Siberian Tiger

Habitat: Far East Russia and Northeast China

Agency: David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Status:  Endangered


17. Honey Bee

Habitat: Tropical Climates and Heavily Forested Areas

Agency: Sierra Club

Status: Endangered


18. Manatee

Habitat: Warm Tropical Waters

Agency: Save the Manatee

Status: Endangered


19. Bald Eagle

Habitat: American Wetlands

Agency: Audubon

Status:  Vulnerable


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