Some flooding can be good.

Thousands flooded the streets of Amsterdam this weekend, demanding the Dutch national government take action on the climate crisis.

But the Netherlands knows flooding all too well. As Time Magazine reports, “The waterlogged European country is expected to be especially vulnerable to the rising tides brought on by climate change. Much of the country already sits below sea level, and some of its land is sinking.” Still other parts of the country have been reclaimed from the sea — and could easily go back under it if sea levels rise from the effects of the climate crisis.

There were about 40,000 who joined the protest — the first of its kind in the Netherlands — according to protest organizers, including Greenpeace and other Dutch organizations.

“The high turnout is the proof that people now want a decisive policy on climate from the government,” said march organizers in a statement, who also noted that the number of protesters was strong, considering the rainy weather.

In keeping with the water theme, Amsterdam-based NL Times reported that the event began with a performance by the band Typhoon, and a speech by climate scientist Heleen de Coninck, but more importantly, also speaking were the leaders of the “so-called ‘climate truants’ — students skipping school and classes to protest for more climate measures.” The climate truants in the Netherlands are, like their fellow students in Europe, the U.S., and Australia, starting to move the needle. This Friday, there will be a global student strike from schools around the world that is expected to have hundreds of thousands of participants.‍


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