More than a third of young people are worried about reproducing because of climate change.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a statement noting this concern last week, which drew the ire and condemnation of her usual foes. But the numbers stand up. In a poll conducted by Business Insider found that “nearly 30% of Americans either strongly agree, agree, or somewhat agree that a couple should consider the negative and potentially life-threatening effects of climate change when deciding whether or not to have children.” Add to that the “more than 8% of Americans strongly agreed that climate change should be a consideration.”

A New York Magazine piece noted why this might be the case, as “Experts generally agree that climate change will worsen food and water scarcities and could drive more people into poverty. With wealth inequality already rising in the U.S., middle and lower income families are poorly positioned to endure the economic and environmental challenges that will inevitably arise from warming global temperatures.”

Two women in the U.K. even noted that they were going on a “birthstrike” because of their fears of an “ecological armageddon.”


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