Explosions, huge budgets, transformative robots — Hollywood is all about excess. But your Oscars party doesn’t have to be. Here are 19 Ways to Answer Earth’s Call in 2019 with a Sustainable Oscars Party.

  1. Go Electronic: Leave the envelopes for the presenters — send an e-vite to your guests, instead, and save the paper.
  1. Screen Savers: As you probably know, not all TVs are created equally. But did you know that some are more energy-efficient than others? https://bit.ly/2iJV5lc And if you’re buying new, make sure to donate or recycle your old one. https://www.epa.gov/recycle
  1. Best Lighting Award: Replace your light bulbs with energy-efficient ones. (If you want a Lifetime Achievement Award, install solar panels.)
  1. Dude, Where’s Your Car? Reduce your party’s carbon footprint and encourage your guests to bike, walk, or use public transportation. If they do drive, see if they can carpool.
  2. Waste Not: Store-bought platters come with a lot of excess packaging. (Most pizza boxes can’t even be recycled due to food residue.) Prepare your own food — or host a potluck instead.
  1. Local Talent: Buying food locally helps the environment (https://bit.ly/2godXq7) and promotes local businesses.
  1. Cast of Thousands: Buying in bulk limits excess packaging and is much more cost effective. Bonus if you buy items sold in recycled/recyclable containers.
  1. BYOB. Don’t forget to bring your own reusable bag when you go shopping.
  1. Stick to the Script: Know in advance how many guests you’re having so you can limit buying excess food and avoid wasting provisions.
  1. Plant Ahead: Go Meatless. Eating a plant-based diet is not just good for your health, it is good for the Earth’s, too.
  1. Be Uncanny: Avoid single-serving drinks and instead get a keg or buy large bottles that can be recycled.
  1. Best Writer: Forget single-use items, like plastic cups, and instead use washable glasses. And use erasable pens to write people’s names on their glasses, so that guests can keep track of their drinks.
  1. Recycling Breaks the Internet: Clearly label your bins (paper, plastic, can, glass, etc.) so that items are correctly sorted and recycled.
  2. Lap Dance: Rather than offer single-use disposable napkins, give your guests laundered napkins tan can be re-used instead.
  1. Who Are You Wearing? When it comes to your wardrobe, make sure you are supporting brands that follow sustainable practices. (https://bit.ly/2CO4Qv5)
  1. No Food Gets Left Behind: To avoid waste, make sure everybody goes home with something — or donate it to your local shelter.
  2. Compost Yourself: Whatever leftover scraps you have, make sure to put them in composting bins.
  3. Pipe Down: When doing dishes, ditch the harsh chemicals and prevent them from going down the drain and into waterways. Use plant-based cleaners instead.
  1. Best Picture: To demonstrate your commitment to bettering the planet, take a selfie of you and your guests and post it on social media with the hashtag #EarthsCall, and let others know how they can answer Earth’s Call.

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