The public was outraged when news broke November 2018 that over 100 orcas and belugas were being kept in a “whale jail” in Srednyaya Bay, Russia.

This video footage by the organization Free Russian Whales, along with other footage and photos, shows how jail-like it is, with freezing temperatures, extremely small pens, and 24-hour surveillance by armed guards.

Activist Nina Zyryanova states, “There are very small chain-link pens, 12 to 15 baby whales are put there and have to be on top of each other. Although these animals are native to the Arctic, they must move, a hundred kilometers a day, to stay warm.” Most of the whales have been in this isolated prison site since summer 2018.

To keep these highly intelligent and social beings in small cramped tanks is unethical and torturous.


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